Issues & Policies


Miss-Information is the Number One issue facing Hemp.

In 2011, scientist from University of Toronto mapped hundreds of thousands of Genetic “Scaffolds” from Cannabis (Chemdawg) and Hemp (Finola) to determine the genetics of the plant, and the bio-synthetic pathway these genes develop.  Of note, Finola Hemp is popular in Canadian production.

The results published found that neither Cannabis, nor Hemp produce the ACTIVE compound, delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC.

How the Science works is much different from LEGAL DEFINITIONS.  In Legal Definition, Marijuana is defined as any part of the plant containing THC.  In order to “contain” THC, the plant must be dried, cure and non-enzymatically decarboxylated.

The drying and curing process takes approximately six to eight weeks.  At this time, after the curing and drying, ONLY tetrahydrocannabinolic-Acid is present, and must be non-enzymatically decarboxylated (above 80C) in order to become ACTIVE and “fit” into the Central Nervous Receptor System to be effective.

Dr. Robert Frankel explain Non-Enzymatic Decarboxylation.

As a member of the Hemp Community, it is the Policy of The Hemp Association to remain INDEPENDENT in political affiliation.

We are PRO-HEMP in every manner.  Our GOAL is Hemp in EVERY GARDEN.  We believe Hemp is a Nutritional Resource first, and Industrial Resource second.

Hemp can safely be cultivated in the non-commercial HEMP GARDEN with little care.  There is no Active THC produced due to the lack of THCA-Synthase precursor enzyme.  Association with “Marijuana” is the result of lacking Science, Chemistry and Genetics of the times over seven decades ago.

The Hemp Association supports the Cultivation, Possession AND Use of Hemp by those of ALL ages without discretion.