The Hemp Association РHA:For Growers, Producers & Consumers is established to provide a truthful and transparent voice for the Hemp.

Hemp cannot genetically-produce, nor synthesize THC (Taura et al 1996, Page et al 2011).


The end of the bio-synthetic pathway for Hemp is Cannabidiolic Acid Synthase – CBDA-Synthase (CBDAS).

Absent THC, Hemp Plants are nothing more than Cilantro, or Lettuce growing in a garden.

HA believes it is the Constitutional Freedom of any inhabitant of United States to grow

Consumers should understand the following about Hemp and Cannabis:

  1. Cultivating Hemp DOES NOT PRODUCE THC.
  2. Cultivating Cannabis DOES NOT PRODUCE THC.
  3. Curing Hemp DOES NOT PRODUCE THC.
  4. Curing Cannabis DOES NOT PRODUCE THC.
  5. Non-Enzymatically Decarboxylating CURED Cannabis CAN produce THC as a by-product of THCA-A releasing CO-2.

Methods, Procedures and Handling Protocol are used to procure micro-traces of PRECURSOR from RAW PLANT MATERIAL in order to produce THC during testing.  This is the equivalent of making Wine from Grapes and arresting the Grape Grower for Bootlegging.

HA: For Growers, Producers & Consumers believes the Hemp Garden can co-exist with Agricultural, Commercial & Industrial Hemp.